Electric tart warmer americana

Electric 2in1 Candle Warmer Ceramic Tart Warmer - Wax Cube Melter - Flameless Plug-in Odor Eliminating Fragrance Air Freshener (Star)

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OBI carefully created our pluggable tart warmers to provide you with a faster & easier way to eliminate odors & keep your air smelling fresh & clean! Each tart warmer is engineered with an on/off rocker switch, that quickly heats up and melts your favorite fragrances such as: - Cinnamon - Lavender - Tropical Paradise - Mint - Vanilla - Chocolate - Apple - & Many More! We designed our versatile fragrance warmer as a safer alternative to candles. You get the same, delicious aroma you would get from burning a candle without the risk of fire! Perfect for Your Home or Office Use your Ceramic Plug-in Tart Warmer with any outlet in your home or office. Great for keeping bathrooms and kitchens smelling fresh and clean with your preferred aroma of choice. A Wonderful home decoration especially for patriotic holidays such as Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc

Buy electric tart warmer americana from Amazon.com
  • ELECTRIC WAX MELTER: Warm & burn your favorite scented wax cubes and fragrance oils for countless hours. We engineered our premium fragrance warmer to safely heat your favorite fragrances without having to light it.
  • PLUGIN FRAGRANCE WARMER: This plugin warmer has an electric base that swivels with on/off switch, includes 15watt lightbulb
  • ODOR ELIMINATOR: Turn your fragrance warmer on and eliminate the worst smells such as smoke, tobacco, pet urine, garbage, and unpleasant bathroom aromas.and poor odor
  • DECORATIVE AIR FRESHENER: original artwork by Teresa Kogut of a star in red, white,blue colors perfect decor for Patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day or 4th of July
Buy electric tart warmer americana from Amazon.com

Electric tart warmer americana

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